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Regina and Maurits

Brunt Key


Located between Livingston and Rio Dulce in a village named Qayo Quemado there is a place for those who appreciate nature, serenity and peace.


Start your morning with a good cup of coffee to wake you up for bird watching. Get energized by delicious breakfast to get you going with your adventures.
Our place boasts beautiful bays that you can easily reach with our kayaks.

Hot spring and sulfur cave are within 10 minutes reach and brand new zip- lining activity just minutes away by speed boat.

If you like sailing, or never tried but would love to try, then this place is for you. Come sail Rio Dulce with us!

We have a 32 foot day sailor on which we can take you sailing. A  light snack is provided, beers are sold on board, sailing instructions available upon request.

The max amount of people we take on a trip is six and minimum of three, the cost is 200Q per person.

The duration is variable, mostly no less then three hours, but no longer then everyone wants to, the sun and wind can be trying on the most experienced of sailors.

For this trip we recommend to take plenty of sun screen, clothes to cover up, sunglasses and a hat if you have one.

We love animals and want to share them with you.

Our cows and horses live in a free environment on a farm accessible by speed boat, its a fun hike and for the more adventurous it is not excluded to ride our horses and keep them exercised.

Our place has restaurant and bar.

Restaurant hours are from 07:00 am to 7:00pm. However, if you get hungry after closing hours, be sure we won’t leave you starving but make a light salad or a banana smoothie for some crazy dreams.

Bar as well is open from 07:00am (in case you need a shot of rum in your morning coffee) till 9 pm. This isn't a real party place thus not for everybody. We wont leave you sitting dry after hours but you will have to indicate this.

We love good food and we cook for you as we would cook for ourselves. 

Our main goal is to use as less canned and processed foods  as possible.  The plates are prepared with lots of veggies and fresh herbs. 

All of our juices and smoothies are 100% natural. 

We use milk from a cow next door to prepare smoothies or add in your morning coffee, thus not only helping local family but also knowing that it is the milk we are all consuming and not a bunch of additives and preservatives.  

Our menu is simple but delicious!

There are also local restaurants on the other side of the bay, simply swim or kayak if you crave Guatemalan or TexMex or in this case texMike"s cuisine.

For those who practice yoga we have several spots where you can stretch your muscles apart from the large yoga studio meant for group sessions.

It is a place remotely located, we have the most amazing starry nights, and the most amazing birds and animals.

This also means that its advisable to bring along a flash light and bug spray.

There are:
2 wooden cabanas with shared bathroom -200Q per room
3 concrete rooms with private bathrooms – 350Q per room
The prices are per room and not per person. Each room has a matrimonial size bed, fan and towels.

Room cleaning outside of our regular schedule is available upon request and free of charge.

We also have a marina thus sometimes really cool and adventurous people park at our docks for a drink or two while telling us about their sailing adventures. Be part of it.


We have our own run from Burnt Key to Livingston and back on demand (Minimum 3).

The cost for this ride is 50Q per direction, unless its a return for the day, then it is 50 Q.

The Public boats from Rio Dulce to Livingston and back stop at our Lodge on request.

outside of these hours there are local boats that charge100Q per person from/to Livingston and 150Q from/to Rio Dulce, which we can organize for you upon request



We are travelers

We are sailors

You will have to talk to us to find out more :)

We love our place and would like to share this unique little paradise with you.

We are the local crew working in Burnt key.

We do most of the work to make sure you are comfortable, the place is clean and nicely organized.

The crew

We are the dogs


We belong here, came here as babies and have not left the place. Our job is to entertain you, run around in circles and make you smile and . We get food in return, plenty of it, so you do not need to give us any extra :P

Tifa and Laima
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