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Burnt Key Marina

The Marina Burnt key derives its name from Cayo Quemado, the village is a well known stop over for boats going to Rio Dulce. Burnt key marina is located in a bay named Bahia Las Duartes, often confused with, or better known as Texan Bay.

The perfect location for the boater who likes the rural area we live in, compared to the hustle and bustle of Rio Dulce.

All of our docks are side tie for easy access, have 30 Amp 110 V power connections and can be reached by hose for filing water from our well, there are several convenient locations to connect your hose.

Its safe from any weather including passing hurricane's, we even " spider off the yachts to have them away from the dock in the case of an earth quake.

The village and our 24/7 presence of workers or night guard make it as secure a place can be, which has a100% incident free track record.

Our main objective as a marina is to keep boats in storage for the period the owners are in their home country or traveling the area and for them to get back to the boat the way they left it behind, in some cases better.

Since we are in a very remote area, having live a board's, is not always convenient so we keep this to a small selective amount.

As boat owners ourselves we are very well aware of the needs and comforts of the boats in the slips and their owners.

We open the boats on a regular bases to air the interior, when there is visual evidence of mold or dirt on the inside, we wipe down the interior.

The outside is kept clean on regular bases for the residue of the jungle not to take over, we are on a fresh water river where a boat can turn green in a matter of months.

When we open the boat we also check the bilge to make sure all is as it was.

We have a workshop where you can have several maintenance or repair jobs done, we facilitate in stainless welding, glass fiber repairs, general woodworking, paint, varnish and last but not least a beautiful crane that has proven to lift one of the largest masts possible to enter the Rio.

Mono hull Q 1500,- per month (Depending the exchange rate is around 200 dollar)

Catamaran Q 2500,- (Depending the exchange rate is around 325 dollar)

Electric is metered 5,- Quetzal per Kw

All bank transfer or wire cost are for the owner of the boat.

Maurits, Regina and crew

Maurits has grown up on boats and the shipyard of his parents. Runs the workshop together with Yovani where they have worked together for over a decade and are a close team who can tackle most issues on a boat.

The crane has proven itself over and over. Maurits being involved in a professional heavy lift operations has build and designed this crane.

The heaviest load Maurits has been involved with lifting was 5500 metric tons


Our side tie docks for easy access have electricity and water from the well

Side tie docks
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